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© 2015-2019 Vita Lifestyle Design ∞ 

Oakland, CA        |     vita.pascone@gmail.com     |       510.507.1937



What is LifeStyle Design?

LifeStyle Design is the choice to live life as creatively, consciously and resourcefully as possible.

It is the belief that all living things are interconnected...  and that choices rooted in this knowing, make a real difference.

         LifeStyle Design, was born through a series of paradigm shifting projects turned business plans in Grad School. After years of studying and applying various therapeutic modalities both personally and professionally, this lens has developed into a comprehensive set of creative facilitation practices built upon a lifetime of creative practice and intense personal change. My mission is to use these approaches to support transformation in others. Whether consulting with organizations or individuals, teaching or designing the work of Transformative Arts is about holistic personal growth in service to positive community change. 


         Empirically founded in psycho-social, cognitive and behavioral models, LifeStyle Design is coupled with a deep passion for the arts and education as a model for personal and economic growth. It is a willingness to evaluate and develop areas of our lives in alignment with right principles; . It is the culmination of holistic health, healing and personal awakening to a purpose greater than one's self. My discovery of and identification with this idea began in 2013 while studying in the Arts and Consciousness program at JFK University in Berkeley, CA. It continues to evolve with each intentional project and partnership. 


         Founded in a commitment to success principles and conscious engagement with creative mindfulness practices, this approach is based in the belief that every aspect of our lives is an art form filled with limitless potential for learning. The principles are few, the methods are many. By embracing the creative genius of our beginner's mind via self-inquiry and supportive community, we can align with the infinite natural cycles that compose our lives to find precious growth, healing, and meaning. Through simple kindness to ourselves and others and a strategic growth plan, we can actively support essential life change. We can choose to boldly embody the creative, adaptive people we need to be to meet life's inevitable shifts with conscious creativity comprised of deep gratitude and joy. 

Making art

and authentically connecting with compassionate people while making that art SAVED my life...

and now creativity is my lifeline to building a deeper consciousness for myself, my community, and the Earth.

     As a designer and creative consultant, I facilitate and empower individuals, families and organizations through

interdisciplinary approaches that support desired and essential change. My design and facilitation skills help others implement their vision of success and manifest desired results. 

      My approach is intuitive and holistic; my implementation is strategic and learning-focused. As an entrepreneur, I am self-motivated and goal-oriented. As an artist and educator, I value communication and collaboration as vehicles that drive innovation and learning that is fun. I have worked in diverse settings with clients designing and implementing dynamic programs that weave together over ten years of experience in various therapeutic and coaching modalities. I bring a unique approach to client-centered and community development work... coupled with  a "generous spirit" and "some soul-shaking art" ( professor panel feedback for Graduate Portfolio).

      I believe that everyone deserves equal access to creative engagement via supportive community and that no task is too big or challenging with the right attitude and approach.




    It has been through my experiences as an iterdisciplinary artist and community educator, that I have found renewed meaning and motivation to turn my life around. By investing in my relationship with myself and others through higher education, therapy and dedication to my creative and spiritual practices, I have transformed nearly every facet of my life while moving ever closer to my truth and purpose.    

     I haven't always been this together. In fact, fifteen years ago I was headed town a destructive  and dangerous path. I'm truly blessed to be here, but I will say... it has taken momentous effort and there's so much farther to go.