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meet vita

Vita Pascone, M.A. is the founder of VITA Lifestyle Design, an educational consultancy, creativity incubator, and handmade marketplace... or virtual community center for short. Known for heART centered facilitation and design, Vita has spent the last 15 years engaged in the study and practice of holistic health, progressive education, consciousness studies and family coaching. With a Masters Degree in Transformative Arts, a life-time commitment to creative practice and hands on experience as a behavioral therapist, she serves children and adults through dynamic educational experiences and handmade artworks that nurture authentic self expression and meaningful transformation.

 Design OR DRIFT...

It wasn't all that long ago that I was drifting, lost in the disorientation of trauma and the search for meaning. Through a series of small steps that compounded,  I found courage to heal and learn. As my commitment to creativity, therapy, mindfulness, and continuing education have grown, I have found tremendous personal healing that I channel into teaching in the community. I have completely redefined my life: a design years in the making that is forever evolving. I have found my purpose. Thank you being here to receive it. 

Without a connection to our purpose and to a larger community that both gives and receives around our values, life gets dull and it is easy to drift. We can easily lose our way in the swirling of the world. By anchoring to my purpose to cultivate and share a deeper consciousness though creativity, I find order in the chaos. Each project and community collaboration has brought me closer to my purpose: to empower you and our children to grow through exploration of tools for conscious, creative change.

Growth is natural, but with intention, strategy and community, we can direct it in new and meaningful ways.

Making ART

SAVED my life...

and now creativity is my lifeline to building a stronger connection with myself, my community + the Earth.

       Since I was a little kid, I've  always felt that I was meant for something  really, really big. Can you relate? I was constantly creating and felt a love so big inside, I wondered what could hold such immensity.

      I used to dream about the clothes and art I would make, the people I'd help, the places I'd visit, the classes I'd teach, the books I'd write, the family I'd have... life seemed so open and full of possibility. I've always felt 

destined for greatness. I know I'm not alone.

        But, somewhere along the way through college, I'd lost sight of it. I got so caught up in the fear, anxiety and 'shoulds' of it all that I lost track of my connection to my creativity, myself, and my belief that amazing things were in store. I lost my spark.

         In 2008, when the recession hit, I was in a dark place that had very little to do with the economic crisis. I was stuck in a life that may have looked like the typical college experience, but was so far from the life I knew I was meant for. I was eclipsed by a deep depression, anxiety and addiction that compounded as I collected more traumas.

         It's wild how a just a few (seemingly) small decisions can massively impact one's life. It's also staggering to behold how the amplification of those choices, one way or another, can drastically change the trajectory of your life. 

       It took rock bottom, but eventually I found the courage to start making changes. Therapy, research, and prayer set a course of change in motion. Slowly, I began uncoiling  the trauma loop in my brain that had been reverberating through my life.

           When I fled my home state of Texas in 2010, I was carrying with me some serious  baggage. I was not only 80 lbs overweight, but I was carrying PTSD from rape, abortion, and a car accident that left me with a fractured jaw. Landing in California became a necessary pause to evaluate how and why to change the trajectory of my life. 

         My first few years in Cali were deep, dark-night-of-the-soul type struggles. They also, quite fittingly, became the foundation of a radical transformation that continues.

          I threw myself into my work at the time (as a Behavioral Therapist for children with autism and learning differences) and quickly realized that I was not equipped emotionally or physically to keep up with the quality of service I wanted to give. I continued the therapy I began in college, began weekly yoga and kickboxing classes, and (to combat the loneliness of not knowing anyone) started making art again. 

       While I had chosen to move with the intention of making significant changes in my life, I hadn't anticipated the struggle of it all. It was an abrupt change and it forced me to sit with feelings that I had been avoiding for years.

       Two years of holistic detox later, I'd built a new body of art work and enrolled myself in a graduate program for Transformative Arts. The experience lived up to its name in ways I can never express in words.

        Ten years after moving to Oakland, I am a different person. Not just physically (I've lost 80lbs), but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I've found my spark. Through making art and learning to serve others, I excavated my values and designed a life that aligns with them. The work is inseparable. 

         My soul's mission is to help others find their way; to be a guide post in your journey. Surely, there are many things I do not know, but I do know this: Your dreams are your dreams for a reason. They are a calling on you to fulfill your purpose. The world needs you to listen, now more than ever. Pain is a wake up call that you are out out of alignment. You have unique abilities (and maybe you don't even know what they are yet), but we need you to answer the call.

          So, be your weird, wacky snowflake self. Trust the tension you feel and lean in.  Make a mess and trust yourself to learn a ton while you clean it up. Who knows. maybe even joyfully? Just know that I'm here cheering you on, and ready to connect if you need any kind of holistic help.


Whether we meet or not, just keep going. You got this!


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