Words are understood.Images are felt.

Together they create a transformative experience.



Poetic expression was never a conscious part of my creative repertoire until a life-changing class with John Fox, founder of The Institute for Poetic Medicine in my first semester of grad school. In one weekend workshop, my soul uncorked across an entire notebook in prose and image, setting the foundation for many book projects to come. This process impacted me so deeply, that in my last quarter along with my thesis, I did an internship with him to publish a manuscript for a visual poetry anthology highlighting work from seven volumes of journals that I filled while in the program. 



Drawing is a vital tool for exploring and sharing ideas, especially in the conception phase. Drawing makes space for preverbal constructs to shape awareness. Images hold and transfer an energetic quality that sometimes escape words.



graphic recording & facilitation


Graphic recording is the act of making ideas visible. I have expereince using GR services in a wide range of settings for individuals, families, and organizations. It is one of my favorite approaches and can support idea development, transimission, integration, synthethis, team-building, and organizational systems change.



visual poetry

Mission: My purpose is to inspire, educate, and facilitate people with ideas... when not in person, through interactive prompts and books offering opportunities to tap into your own sagely inner creative genius.

Values: I believe...

∞ that images communicate where words fall short.

∞ that poetic and authentic visual expression of our personal truths can create a healing experience.

∞ that the mind is calmed and intuitively led when set to paper.

∞ that creating and viewing words + imagery that resonate with our lived experience bridges the personal + universal, reminding us of our sacred interconnection.

∞ that anyone can draw and write beautifully with practice and trust in their own unique voice. 


Vision: I envision a world in which a deeper emphasis is placed on visual self-exploration and facilitation. Through visual brain-mapping we can support meaningful learning for both children and adults with measurable impact in education, organizational change, and health care.


Not sure what I mean? Let's sit down and chat. I offer free 30 minute consultations for new clients and I'd love to show you the transformative power of my visual facilitation approach in establishing a deeper connection to the content you want to work with.