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∞ Let's Work Together ∞

What project is asking for your attention? 

Below is a fun shortlist of some of the projects that have prepared me to support your next transformation: 

Never underestimate the power of having focused support as you work towards intentional change. Even seemingly mundane projects can be openings for profound transformation. For years, my "career" felt like an array of disparate, sometimes desperate freelance pieces, until eventually their collective meaning emerged as the preparatory path I needed to help me, help you. I've done a lot of stuff ya'll. 

∞ designed and managed a creativity and character program at 4 school sites for thousands of k-5 (6 years)

∞ led small group lessons and 1:1 academic student support in classroom settings (8 years)

∞ led behavioral therapy programming for families with children age 2-8 in homes (5 years)

∞ led play therapy groups for kids 2-6 (3 years)

∞ facilitated educational consulting and planning for parents/teachers (6 years)

∞ customized tutoring sessions for learners with diverse cognitive needs outside the classroom (2 years)

∞ customized and goal-oriented art lessons and portfolio prep for children and teens (3 years)

∞ led workshops, community events, and fundraisers (8 years)

∞ envisioned and managed space reorganization and transformation in retail spaces, classrooms, and homes (3 years)

∞ led gallery curation, mini murals, and creative installations (5 years)

∞ ongoing project management and collaboration with community non-profit organizations like Urban University, The City of Oakland, Center for Community Arts, The City of Walnut Creek, Junior Players, After School Enrichment Program SF, and more. 

It's by no means a comprehensive list of experience, but all have held valuable learning. None of it, however, compares to a lifetime of dedication to creative practice and intentional personal development that abounds from building a business from scratch. A single moment can change everything... it's called choice. In what ways are you needing support and perspective in making a change?

We're all just doing the best we can. Still, sometimes a little help can go a long way in making the changes we want to make.