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With an ongoing commitment to culturally responsive pedagogy, a Master's degree in Transformative Arts, and eleven years of field experience as an Educational Consultant, Vita designs and facilitates unique educational experiences that inspire students to take creative risks and learn along the way. She focuses on relationship and innate creativity to empower learners to cultivate resilience, self-awareness and a deeper connection to their unique learning process in a variety of fields and subjects.

Annual + Quarterly Classes

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Mindful Mondays

10:30am PST

6 class pack

Mondays Only: $28/week  

Mondays + Fridays: $44/ week

12 Class Pass 

Mondays Only: $24/ week

Mondays + Fridays: $40/week

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LiteracY LABS

Prescheduled weekly

1:1 Language Arts + SEL

sessions for 2-5th graders

Includes access to

all group classes +

a weekly self-led "lab list"


Monthly Pass : $185 /week

Quarterly Pass: $150 /week 

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Fun Fridays

10:30am PST

6 class pack

Fridays Only: $28/week  

Mondays + Fridays: $44/week  

12 Class Pass

Fridays Only: $24/ week

Mondays + Fridays: $40/week

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Camps + Workshops

"Mom, can you go now? I want to work with Vita."
-Luca S.
Student, 1:1 Literacy Labs 

summer camp

June 2021

Wednesdays 12:30pm PST

$60 for 5 weeks

(subsidized by a small grant!)

time capsule

expressive arts camp

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$95 for 4 weeks

(subsidized by a small grant!)

magic mandalas


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(subsidized by a small grant!)

 “ Oh! Now I get why people love your class; it’s not a class, it’s a word playground!”
-Xander J.
1:1 Literacy Labs on Zoom

Elements of heART

Creativity + Character

This signature program has served

thousands of kids in the Bay Area.

Is your home or school next?


         The Elements of heART program is designed to foster a curiosity for expressive arts while cultivating a deeper sense of self through community building and exploration of character-based choice making. Our model supports social emotional learning that builds resilience and connection through playful facilitation of young A.R.T.I.S.T.S. Students emerge with a deeper understanding of design thinking as a mode for meaningful innovation. This development becomes synonymous with the values of a courageous, compassionate leader. Our content is visual, our context is character and together our framework is making a vital impact for thousands of K-5 kids in the Bay Area...

“Look around! Everything is ART!”

Simon, Age 6

“When I grow up, I want to teach art because there is always something new to learn."

Hailin, Age 5


"Vita has been teaching art to my daughter for a year. She has been a wonderful teacher and a wise and warm life-coach. With Vita's instruction and guidance, my daughter dramatically expanded her skills and gained a new found self-confidence. It is thanks to Vita that my daughter was able to achieve her goal of admission to a competitive arts middle school. Vita is a gem!"

- Fiona G. 

Mom of 12 year old student

"I found the CosmicKIDS programming to be extremely inspiring. Vita and her team covered essential concepts in the field of arts that helped pave the way for our students to blossom with their own creative expressions. The program allowed for flexibility and adaptation as it was expanded to different age groups, schools and times of the day. My colleagues and I always found Vita/CosmicKIDS to have exceptional professionalism, dependability and clear communication.


The passion and creativity that Vita brings to the curriculum design and implementation continues to stand out to me. It is clear that Vita connects deeply with her students, their individual needs and the greater needs of the communities she serves. I would absolutely recommend Vita/CosmicKIDS to other organizations who are seeking a trusted partner to enhance their program offerings."

-Tany B.

Executive Director

ASEP SF Non-profit