For us, creativity is a doorway to all kinds of learning. Through visual literacy, we build connections that foster stronger character, increased resilience, 

social-emotional well-being, and so much more than what meets the eye.




CosmicKIDS designs, consults, and facilitates a variety of creative and academic programs for dozens of non-profit organizations, schools and families.  We apply the core values of creative play, character development  and holistic health practices to provide children, families and organizations with unique and transformative educational experiences. In partnership with various non-profits, we have served thousands of kids across the Bay Area and beyond with programs that weave together a deep passion for arts education, equity, literacy, wellness and mindfulness. Why do I say we? We are a small, but growing team of providers and collaborators.

"To be an artist is to believe in life."
-Henri Moore
"Our greatest natural resource is the minds of our children."
-Albert Einstein


Creative Curriculums

Making art makes a difference.

Making art apart of education transforms lives.

Elements of heART

         The Elements of heART curriculum is a blended creativity and character program that has served thousands of K-5 students across the Bay Area. Working closely with teams at McKinley Elementary, Daniel Webster Elementary, Center for Community Arts and more, CosmicKIDS helps students cultivate their creativity and leadership through art-making, games, and story. Young artists develop visual literacy skills with a playful introduction to the elements of art while fostering social-emotional awareness through a dynamic model that builds community, imaginative problem-solving, and character-based choice-making.


in small kindness + contagious curiosity.


Your purchases + donations fund research + low cost material development for underserved communities ...
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CosmicKIDS facilitates imaginative problem solving to help teach leadership + community stewardship through the heART of learning. We educate, inspire, and empower kids, families, and schools to transform and thrive. Each curriculum is based on the belief that humans are innately creative, resourceful and fundamentally interdependent. We adapt programs to fit the specific needs of each community to deliver truly vibrant educational experiences with lasting impact.



CosmicKIDS believes...

∞ that we have a social and ecological responsibility to teach our children from the heART.

∞ that everyone deserves creative engagement as an integral part of their education.

∞ that the most effective way to learn is to have fun!

∞ that art-making + creative play helps us cultivate resilience community.

∞ that equity and inclusion are the basis of responsible service.

∞ that social + restorative justice matter.

∞ the possibility of magical outcomes with the right attitude + approach.



CosmicKIDS envisions a world in which the measure of our success is an internal barometer based in creative fulfillment, endless curiosity, moral wonder, thriving relationships + holistic health.


CosmicKIDS works with both private + public clients to create and implement meaningful mission-driven initiatives. This work is based on 15 years of experience serving diverse communities through Behavioral Therapy, therapeutic play, academic support/tutoring, arts enrichment and program design. With a unique combination of visual recording and design-based facilitation approaches, we know that change begins from within. We continue to develop strategies for building connections with self and others to support personal change and ultimately shift limiting social paradigms.


By incorporating art, creative play, and mindfulness practices into the lives of our children, we are creating natural learning opportuninties based in a deeper connection to the self, to others, and to the planet.