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© 2015-2020 Vita Lifestyle Design ∞ 

Oakland, CA        |     vita.pascone@gmail.com     |       510.507.1937

LunaVita Jewelry

Values:  LunaVita believes...

∞ that physical adornment is a sacred and primal way to honor our bodies' connections to nature and healing.

∞ that by adorning ourselves with natural wonders that delight our senses, we can spark joy. With joy, we can live more fully, courageously and consciously in the present with deeper appreciation for reminders of our sacred connection to nature and its ability to heal the body, mind, and spirit.


Mission:  to inspire you to feel closer to yourself and the natural rhythms that heal you with these wearable art pieces that serve as intentional reminders, gratitude tokens and energetic shifts.


Vision: Amazing humans wearing powerful jewelry that means something positive to the self, environment, & community...


Inspired by transformation.

Handmade with love & intention...

Let LunaVita love you on your special day!

Custom wedding and commemorative pieces made just for you...