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© 2015-2020 Vita Lifestyle Design ∞ 

Oakland, CA        |     vita.pascone@gmail.com     |       510.507.1937


handmade jewelry

LunaVita Jewelry

Values:  LunaVita is based in the belief that...

∞ Physical adornment is a sacred and primal way to honor our bodies' connections to nature and meaningful creative expression.

∞ By adorning ourselves with natural wonders that delight our senses, we can spark joy and holistic healing.


Mission: To inspire you to feel closer to your authentic self with wearable, handmade art that embodies awe and intentional reminders.


Vision: Amazing humans wearing powerful jewelry that means something positive to the self, environment, & community...


Inspired by transformation.

Handmade with love & intention...

Let LunaVita love you on your special day!

Custom wedding and commemorative pieces made just for you...