people matter

...so does their creativity.


You'll hear me say "we" a lot when I talk about about heARTful KIDS. Even when it was just me working with a few kids,  there was always a sense of bigger-than-me collective good taking place. Increasingly, I get to partner with a growing number of organizations who are facilitating meaningful and quality education in the the Bay Area. These organizations go above and beyond in their pursuit of educating and uplifting all people.

 CosmicKIDS builds, teaches and consults on a variety of programs in the Bay Area...

Maybe your community is next?

"Over the last year I have had the fortunate experience of working with Vita though the Cosmic KIDS program. Vita has consistently presented professionalism, innovation and creative vision in her role as an art educator at ASEP. Every lesson that Vita teaches has clear intentions and learning goals for her students. Vita's ability to facilitate positive classroom management practices has been impressive to our team as she is able to meet the specific needs and learning styles of her students. I appreciate Vita's flexibility as she is willing to adjust her schedule or classroom location in situations where teamwork is needed most. After one year of ASEP's partnership with Cosmic KIDS our organization has decided to expand Vita's role so more students in our community will have access the impressive curriculum that Cosmic KIDS offers. I look forward to continuing ASEP's partnership with Cosmic KIDS into the 16-17 school year and beyond!"

- Tany Horgan,

Program Director of ASEP

We are in our 5th year of collaboration :)

Private Clients

         From Behavioral/ Play Therapies to Transformative and "regular" art, to academic tutoring... I have a LOT of  diverse experience teaching people of all ages (2-52) in creative and developmental goal-based programs. There's so much experience that does not fit into these twelve boxes.

         As much as I have been able to impact the people in these squares and beyond, they have impacted me beyond measure. Being an educator is to hold yourself accountable to the highest level of developmental integrity, or suffer in the process of avoiding necessary personal growth and know that you are not only limiting yourself, but another person and therefor the possibility of a brighter future for all.


"Vita has been teaching art to my daughter for a year. She has been a wonderful teacher and a wise and warm life-coach. With Vita's instruction and guidance, my daughter dramatically expanded her skills and gained a new found self-confidence. It is thanks to Vita that my daughter was able to achieve her goal of admission to a competitive arts middle school. Vita is a gem!"

- Fiona G. 

Mom of 12 year old client,

Retired Academic

“Look around! Everything is ART!”

Simon, Age 6

“When I grow up, I want to teach art because there is always something new to learn."

Hailin, Age 5