What is LifeStyle Design?


 I arrived at LifeStyle Design, through a series of projects in Graduate School after years of studying various therapuetic modalities personally and porfessionally. Over time it has developed into a comrehensive and specialized set of change-based facilitation approaches founded in artisitc processes. The personal and professional development that have occured in the process have been utterly transformative in every sphere of my life. My mission is to support the transmission of this process out of myself into the lives of others by helping them design objects, experiences, and systems of sustainable growth. 


As a concept and practice, LifeStyle Design, is a culmination of my passion for the arts and education coupled with my professional and personal development in the Behavioral Sciences, Psychology, and other therapuetic modalities. Essentially, it is the culmination of health, healing, purpose, and a desire to put this work in service to a greater good. My discovery of and identification with the term 'lifestyle designer' happened in my second year of Graduate studies in the Arts and Consciousness program at JFK University in Berkeley, CA (2014) and continues to evolve with each new client, project, and community collaboration. 


This unique approach is founded in conscious engagment in and commitiment to a cyclical rotation of key creative and mindfulness practices, coupled with the belief that every aspect of our lives is an art form filled with limitless potential for learning, beauty, and meaning-making. It is based in the idea that by aligning with the creative genius of our inner children, through supported access to symbolic, intentional, and communal activity, we can align with the natural cycles that compose our lives to find precious healing, learning, and relationship building in the process. A single moment can seed tremendous change. Through simple kindness to ourselves and others, guided mindfulness, and authentic creative inquiry, we can actively support essential and necessary life change. We can choose to boldly embody the creative, adaptive people we need to be to meet life's inevitable shifts with consciousness, creativity, and vitality. 


LifeStyle Design is the choice to live life as creatively, consciously, and resourcefully as possible. It is the belief that all living things, as part of a larger whole, are interconnected... that our choices are rooted in this knowing and the impact of our decisions matter. 

Spring Forth // Colorful Tribal Print Crop Tunic

Spring Forth // Colorful Tribal Print Crop Tunic

Spring Forth // Colorful Pastel Women's Plus Size Tribal Print Crop Tunic Blouse // Crocheted Peach Wool Sweater 

A special, one of a kind top featuring a short pastel tribal pattern in the front and a long peach crocheted sweater in the back. The loose flow of the short front and the draping of the long back create a unique and comfortable Spring style...effortless bohemian comfort... great year round in temperate climates.
  • Garment INFO

    \\// Measurements of Garment (in inches)\\//

    Size of Top is L)uminous / XL)uminous

    Length Front (from mid neckline to hem): 19"

    Length Back: 29"Width at Waist: 22" (circumference= 44")

    \\// Materials used \\//

    Front of shirt: cotton fabric

    Back of shirt: wool sweater

    \\// Care for Garment \\//Hand wash with cool water. Line dry. 

    \\// Handmade Considerations \\//This is a handmade, one-of-a-kind garment. Every SolaVita garment is designed, cut, dyed, constructed, and sewn by hand- one at a time. Some come directly from fabric that I source along the West Coast while others are recycled from old clothing and material. The handmade quality- sometimes discernible as occasional and subtle imperfections- are a natural and beautiful part of this process. Any "birthmarks" are unique to each garment and add the character and heart of the SolaVita brand.

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    Purple Agate // Leather & Chain // Adjustable Bracelet

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    Every SolaVita creation is made with intention, appreciation, and reverence for the creative process; each one comes lovingly gift-wrapped. By shopping SolaVita you are supporting the idea that the act of creating is an essential part of life. Thank you for supporting this vision… SolaVita style.\\// Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments. I'd love to hear from you. \\//© SolaVita 2014