coaching for 
kids + adults

From private art lessons and tutoring to classes and cooperative group projects, I apply a unique set of visual thinking strategies and one-of-a-kind interactive illustrations within various frameworks. This visual thinking can help target specific learning objectives based in developmentally appropriate prompts. My programs support holistic growth through character development, leadership, and literacy while

creating a sense of self-agency, curiosity, and trust in one's own learning process.

Struggling? Whether experiencing a developmental delay with your kiddo, a challenging behavioral pattern with yourself,  life challenges, or goal setbacks... I can help. With significant experience assessing barriers to learning and change, I can help you design a path to the change you seek. Let's increase awareness, 

extinguish problem behaviors, establish trust in your routines, help you understand your learning profile, and shape your desired outcome.

Transform-ative Arts 
+ Academics

Engaging in creative activities in a playful and well structured setting offers people of all ages and developmental stages the chance to build meaningful connections and habitual critical thinking skills. In a 1:1 setting, this supported conscious inquiry builds strong social and emotional intelligence and a chance to develop expressive, cognitive, and executive function skills at every age.

I have facilitated individuals, groups, and educators by developing and implementing change support strategies, comprehensive programs, 

and goal-oriented workshops in diverse community settings. Ranging from structured literacy to holistic self-care, this dynamic project-centered work is unified by a deep passion for sustainable change and collaboration through a series of interdisciplinary approaches aimed at achieving client-set objectives.

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Graphic Recording
& Visual Facilitation

Graphic Recording is the act of making ideas and events visual. Visually recording CosmicKIDS tutoring sessions, team meetings, goals and accomplishments of clients is a foundational approach with significant and empirically validated outcomes. When we connect imagery to the ideas we want to share, it activiates different parts of the brain that support deeper, sustained interest in challenging material. The result is increased skill acquisition, resilience, flexibility and mental dexterity. In addition to providing these services in sessions, I encourage CosmicKIDS clients to practice their own visual recording of ideas/ feelings to support metacognition, executive function, and expedite personal growth. 

Already have a growth plan in place? Let me record where you are and make a custom bookmark in time for you.