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Vision: I believe a world in which all people embrace the beauty of their bodies at every shape, size, color, and ability. A world in which we each do our part to live as resourcefully and consciously as possible by recycling and reducing as many resources as we can. By shopping SolaVita Exchange your are supporting fairtrade, sustainably handmade clothing that honors the impact of each person... as a unique thread in the beautiful cloth of social responsibility. Let's love our bodies for what they do for us by dressing them in clothes that make us look good, feel great, and reduce our ecological footprint!

Values: I believe that..

∞ reusing things is important for us and the Earth.

∞ our bodies and objects hold stories.

∞ clothing is a way to honor, express, + rewrite these stories.

∞ we can symbolically embody our intentions through conscious, creative action. This transformative choice that allows us to rewrite stories into new ones of hope and positive change for all.

Mission: By learning to love my body and honor its changes, I empower other women to love their bodies, honor their stories, and provide the choice to care for the Earth by purchasing up-cycled clothing that embodies love, resilience, and comfort.

love your body. honor its stories. wear up-cycled CLOTHES.

Elegant comfort for your abundant life.

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