Sacred Sanctuary.

Art made to nourish the soul.


I work with local Bay Area mom and pop print shops to print my paintings in limited edition small batches. Prints come on acid free card stock in the size specified in the shop

I can have prints made on canvas upon request. Simply reach out and I can get a quote to you. 

If you see a piece in the archived collection or elsewhere on the site (or instagram) that is not currently available in the shop, please inquire.

+ Choose Your Price Custom Paintings 

Years upon years, layers upon layers, of searching. Living my deepest life's questions in paint and knowing that the process serves a calling greater than myself. 

This process is my spiritual practice and the foundation of my ability to serve in the community. The insights this work offers me are timely reminders to act with courage and integrity, cultivate clear intention, and spread love and joy where I can.

Each piece of my heART is whole only when enjoyed by you. Check out what's available in the shop or head on over to the Custom Paintings Lab to explore sizes and prices for your commission idea. 

Terrariums + Upcycled Decor

In addition to their beauty and recent popularity, terrariums offer us a contemplative practice that connects us to nature on a minituature scale. They also refresh a space and accompany art well. Plus, they can function as an earring holder. When your terrarium containers come from old outcast objects, its good for the environment too. 

Additionally, I offer hand painted frames, upcycled shelving, and pillow cases seasonally in small batches. If you don't see any available for purchase, feel free to reach out. I do custom work.

Merchandising, Space Redesign
+ Organizational Systems Support
I focus on organizing + transforming spaces in resourceful, functional, and aesthetically pleasing ways. Through ritual, intention setting, functional assessment and mindful rearranging, spaces can become energizing or soothing offering restoration, productivity, or movement of merchandise based on design principles used.
I have worked with women who defined themselves as hoarders on letting go and reclaiming their spaces. I have helped classroom teachers design more functional and welcoming classrooms. I have helped stores and social enterprises with merchandising and space planning. Want help? I gotch you.
Collaborative Transformative Arts
Worskshops + Community Events

I do regular collaborations with other local artists/educators/organizations to host various community events, exhibits, workshops, and popups. Humans need community. Creativity, education and entrepreneurship are valuable channels for connecting change-makers with their mission and community.

Sound like we're both on the transition team? Reach out. Let's make something happen!


art + home




Values: I believe...

∞ that making and viewing art is essential to the health and happiness of the whole self. 

∞ that all people art artists at heART.

∞ that surrounding our homes + communal spaces with beauty inspires us to be present, creative + open to the truth of our experiences.

∞ that creating and viewing beauty supports desired and essential change through deeper self-awareness, emotional intelligence, resilience, and joy.


Mission: My mission is to intentionally transform objects, spaces and communities through conscious renewal efforts matters. By creating beauty and facilitating beautification practices that reclaim conscious creativity as a catalyst for learning and conservation, we can change the world.


Vision: Beautiful spaces inside and out; a community of diverse and caring collaborators coming together to transform our ecological, social and economic landscapes through conscious creative change initiatives.



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