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© 2015-2020 Vita Lifestyle Design ∞ 

Oakland, CA        |     vita.pascone@gmail.com     |       510.507.1937


How It Works:


Our imaginations carry subconscious clues and intuitive wisdom, that when given the proper space and time, can work wonders in allowing us to rise and meet life's challenges and intense beauty. I'd like to show you how.  


Through a day of self-reflection, creative exploration, journaling and play, we will use ancient Maori techniques to open ourselves to the work we have in the upcoming year to fulfill our potential. Moving and fun, we work individually and collectively to uncover which areas in our lives need our attention and channel that supportive intention into the creation of your own talisman. I'll show you how. You come away with a unique and beautiful physical object imbued with the symbolic power of your sacred intention. These reminders can take any form, from a necklace to earrings, a bracelet, key chain, a dog collar, a car mirror pendant and many other functional trinkets. Gather yourself, a loved one (or 7) and come join me on a special journey to our most authentic selves. Let us honor this important work with a special reminder, made for you and by you, to honor your brave journey of living the questions that light your soul.




∞ Who:

You and someone you love, or perhaps 7 someones you love. The workshop flows well with as few as 2 and as many as 8.

This is a perfect way to connect with yourself and the women in your life, and create something special for yourself in the process.

˚This workshop is open to people of all ages (12+), life-stages, creative abilities (brand new to advanced), physical abilities, and cultural backgrounds.

˚Ideas for possible groups/ occasions: women's circles, mother/daughter retreats, birthday parties, family day, anniversaries... any special day deserving of honoring.


∞ What (to bring):

Gather any old or broken jewelry (even stuff you don't like to wear will work), recyclables (bottle caps,can tabs, etc.), trinkets and treasures (anything special to you- small rocks, feathers, tassels, figurines, found objects). Try to bring something special and relevant to your life plus also a few extra fun things that call to you- even if you don't know how you will use them. This will help us ground your intentions and make your creation unique to you. I will provide all of the tools and findings plus lots of fun materials like chain, beads, gems, minerals, and more.

Please also bring: a journal and pen/pencil a bottle of water and a dish to share (or lunch for yourself if you prefer) and your most authentic self 


∞ When: 

This workshop is available on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Some weekdays are available upon request.

Duration: This is a 4 hour class (generally 12-4) , but times are flexible. 


∞ Where:

The Bay Area hosts an incredible amount of beautiful locations for this work. I love to hold them outside (weather permitting). I have a special spot in the Berkeley hills that I call The Woodsy Den and LunaVita Lookout. This is where I go to photograph most of my jewelry. The workshop featured in the photo was held there. ˚There are also some great indoor options. If this is something you prefer, please contact me and we will discuss our options. 


∞ Pricing:

˚$75 per person for groups of 4 and over

˚$100 per person for groups of 3 and under

˚$150 for individuals


∞ Notice:

˚ For groups over 3, I will need at least two weeks to prepare.

˚ For duos and individuals, a week's notice is preferred.


** All attendees ("Jewels") receive a follow up care package with a special gift and a 25% off coupon applicable to any LunaVita purchase**